Sunday, May 22, 2011

Happy Long Weekend!

So it has been awhile since my last post, the time seems to be flying by! Ewan and I have also been sick with a cold, which has given me some much needed rest and a few early nights. With Ewan's birthday 2 weeks ago and 5 parties later, I think we finally have it behind us and can begin to look forward to the upcoming season. Now we just have to stop Ewan thinking that everyday is his birthday!

Also, with Ewan's birthday finally over, it has kind of occurred to me how little time is left in the school year and Spring session. Myself and Lindsey (yes, there are 2 Lindsey's) have been busy planning some special events for the end of the nursery school year, writing report cards, prepping the graduation and organizing themes and events for the summer camp program. It is kind of crazy how quickly summer can creep up on you! It is both exciting, because I take more time off in the summer, but also sad because many of the families we have come to know and see weekly, or even up to three times a week, we will miss over the summer.

But I am excited and confident that this summer will be our best camp program yet! We will have the themed obstacle courses and playground play that everyone has come to love, but we also have some new themes lined up, a more structured gymnastics skill building component as well as a focus on various sports skills, a themed character visit at some point each week, themed arts and crafts and an outdoor play time once a week which will include rocket experiments, parachute play and even bouncy castle fun throughout the summer.

Currently, I still have spaces in each of the themed weeks and I do have both part time and full time care available. Visit for more details.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

2nd Birthday Celebrations!

Today, we celebrated Ewan's 2nd Birthday with a friend party in the early afternoon and then a family party over dinner. It really was such a wonderful day - myself, Alan and Ewan really enjoyed every moment of it. I had so much fun planning for the party and I was organized enough that I also got to enjoy the parties! It was so wonderful seeing Ewan playing and laughing with all his little friends. He was so excited and happy all day - the little guy partied from 1pm to 8pm before crashing in his bed! Thank you to Kids Crooked Playhouse for getting us Ewan's new Play house in time for his Birthday (it's the super cute blue wooden playhouse in the 1st pic below), Run a Mok for the bouncy castle, to Crash the clown ( for a great performance and to Piece of Cake ( for a beautiful and delicious cake. 

Here are some highlights from the day -

Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us, Ewan is so lucky to have such wonderful friends in his life. AND I forgot to give out the loot bags - isn't that terrible, that is one of the best parts of the party!!! I will deliver them this week!