Sunday, February 21, 2010

A class full of future Olympians!

This past Wednesday I organized a Wild West theme for the Nursery School program, however, after the arrival of the children I quickly realized that almost all of the students were well aware that the Olympics were underway. I quickly changed the theme to the Olympics in order to take advantage of all the enthusiasm the children were expressing. Together we made a chart to track the number of medals that Canada has won and we will keep a count each day of Nursery School until the closing ceremonies. We also made a giant banner to cheer on the Canadian athletes. After an in depth discussion of the different types of sports that the children had seen on TV, we began a discussion about whether or not the athletes were still good even though they may not all win medals. I explained that even the athletes who do not win medals are all extraordinary athletes, some of the very best in the world. The children then went on to tell me that they are really good at skating, skiing, hockey, sledding and that they thought that they would be in the Olympics when they were older too. Seeing the certainty the excitement in their own skills and talents is very inspiring and I look forward to seeing the kids compete for gold one day!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Family Day Weekend

Over Family Day weekend, my family and I took the opportunity to go on a short getaway to Toronto. Part of our New Year's Resolutions were to take two vacations a year - even if it was just a weekend away from work. It turned out to be a wonderful weekend away - not a single call from A Gym Tale, thanks to all of the wonderful, hard working staff and the place was still standing after me being away for 4 days!

Although trip consisted of hanging out in Starbucks and reading, watching movies, swimming at the hotel pool and meeting up with some friends - and eating out for every meal - one of my favourite parts, it was just the perfect relaxing weekend. And the drive down went very well as we timed it perfectly to coincide with Ewan's nap time.

What a nice way to feel refreshed and and full of motivation to tackle all of the upcoming spring promotions!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Finding Balance & New Year's Resolutions

To date, this has been one of the more difficult issues that I have had to deal with as a new mom. Just as I was finding a balance between work and personal life, along came my beautiful little boy - who now takes up almost every moment of every day! How do you strike a balance between baby, couple time, personal time, work, fitness, household chores, etc - has anyone actually found a way to fit it all in within a 7 day period - without needing to skip sleeping a couple nights a week?!

Now that we are in February, I have been trying to take inventory of which of my New Year's Resolutions I have been able to maintain. Several of my New Year's resolutions included getting together with friends at least once a week, working out 3 times a week, cooking dinner at least 5 times per week as well as date night at least twice a month. My main goals have been to create more of a social life - I tend to be somewhat of a work-aholic. Now some weeks I am very productive and I just breeze through it all - morning workouts, play dates, chicken pot pie, and cleaning the bathrooms! But then the next week I am so exhausted from the week before that nothing seems to get accomplished!

Another issue is that I love schedules and routines. I am all about scheduling everything - just making a schedule helps me feel more productive and organized. But, as I am sure many of you know, schedules and babies just do not mix very well. It seems every time I plan out a full day, Ewan will be up all night or just simply have plans of his own and then the whole week will be thrown off.

So, do you have any tricks or suggestions about how to fit it all in, I would love to have some new inspiration!