Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Little Man is 4!

It is so hard to believe everything that has happened over the past four years. How my life changed in every way with the arrival of Ewan Xavier Braveheart Wyllie (yes, that is his full name for real - you can thank Alan for that!) and the speed at which this tiny little person grew and changed to become the little man he is today. Ewan is an outgoing, loud, energetic little boy who loves to make everyone laugh and has the most wonderful imagination and desire to learn about everything. Ewan's smile is contagious and his sweetness makes me melt, all the while his stubbornness and persistence can push my patience further than 24 children all together at nursery school! I am so proud of the person he is becoming and I am so excited to see his personality continue to unfold.

Birthday's are a big deal at our home. We began the day by waking up to Ewan opening a small gift and then a birthday breakfast where he found the whole downstairs fully decorated with balloons, streamers, and banners. We then went to Nursery School and had a little celebration with cupcakes. Afterwards we headed back home for nap time and then opening the big gift - this year was a pedal bike. Ewan LOVED his bike and thanks to the balance bike he has been riding for two years, he picked up riding the pedal bike within two days! We then ended the day with a birthday dinner - his choice was roasted ham, pancakes and raspberries - yum! (It actually was a delicious combination!)

The next day Ewan had his party (friends in the morning and family in the afternoon). We usually take party planning and entertaining to a whole new level - we can't help it,  it is one of our passions - we did use that passion to create a business that hosts and celebrates over 1000 birthday's a year! Unlike what you may think, Ewan has never had a party at A Gym Tale - we figure since he already spends 4 days a week there that he deserves a break. Ewan wanted a dinosaur theme - so the decorating included a dinosaur foot print path up to the house with dinosaur crossing signs along the way, dino balloons, banners and streamers, and themed snacks (dino claws (bugles) and dino bones (pretzels). We had his friends over to see some crocodiles and tortoises (closest we could get to real dino's) followed by pizza lunch, a brachiosaurus cake once again made by the wonderful Piece of Cake Ottawa

Afterwards Ewan gave out his 'loot bags' - thank you so much for all of your wonderful ideas on Facebook. I finally decided on making dinosaur tails for each of the kids - I fell in love with the idea on Pinterest - and just had to do them - all 20 of them!!! I more or less didn't sleep for 10 days before the party trying to get them done - this was not my best decision - Alan was thankful that he was in Houston for those 10 days! But I absolutely love how they turned out and I loved seeing all the little dino's running around!
Yes Isla insists on wearing her tail forward facing;)

It really was two wonderful days of celebration conveniently followed by Mother's Day, which left me spoiled and pampered!

What special birthday traditions do you do with your family?