Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Good bye and Thank you

It is with genuine sadness as well as hopeful anticipation for what the future may bring that I am making this announcement: Alan and I have sold A Gym Tale!

And, no, this is not an April Fools joke, lol.

When I started this blog, I wanted to share how I balance being a wife, a mother, a teacher and a business owner. Well, after all these years, it turns out IT'S REALLY HARD.

For ten years, the hours were VERY long and the job was VERY demanding but I could always find the balance between work and my life at home. And the experiences that I got to share with your children and my own at A Gym Tale made the effort WELL WORTH IT. For ten years I HAVE LOVED MY JOB!

However, over the past year it has become more evident that balancing A Gym Tale and my growing family requires too great a juggling act, leaving me feeling as though I can't do anything as well as I want. Now, the list of chores at home are VERY long and the kids are VERY demanding.

I am not one to settle for mediocrity. There are areas of A Gym Tale that need more attention than I can give and, likewise, there are areas in my personal life that have been neglected as well. Alan and I are very fortunate that our experience with A Gym Tale presents me with the opportunity to take my life in a new direction. It will be heartbreaking (and terrifying) to leave A Gym Tale in June, but we are looking forward to a very exciting direction that our family has planned.

The most amazing part of operating A Gym Tale has been getting to know so many families in and around Barrhaven. In fact, I have met many of my closest friends through my Play Classes and Nursery School. I am very thankful to all the families that have made me part of their children's lives. I am very thankful to those families that will remain part my life long after A Gym Tale.

The hardest part of leaving will be missing out on teaching your children and watching them grow over the years. I will miss watching your children explore their limits in the gym and music classes. I will miss chatting with the parents at the play classes and pick up and drop off times for Nursery School and Before and After School. I will miss saying good morning to everyone 6 mornings a week (I may actually enjoy sleeping in a little;). THANKS TO ALL OF MY FRIENDS, CUSTOMERS AND STUDENTS that have made this decade of my life so fulfilling.

I also owe a great deal of thanks to the many wonderful staff members that have shared this journey with us. Their energy, enthusiasm and commitment to their job breathed the life into our birthday parties and our programs. Alan and I have been tremendously fortunate to have employed such memorable characters, strong teachers and diligent workers.

The original A Gym Tale on Greenbank and Larkin 2005

The new A Gym Tale on Strandherd 2009

2015 family pictures by Elizabeth Fulton Photography.

I am also very excited to introduce the new owners, Katrina and Geraldene, to all of you. I am so happy to say that the business is actually staying in the family - Katrina and Geraldene are Alan's aunts. As their family is currently transitioning to a new stage (children are going off to University or soon to graduate) they are very excited to begin a new adventure in their lives as well.

Katrina and Geraldene have been training in the Nursery School program and becoming familiar with A Gym Tale since January and will now be training with me for the next few months in other areas. I will continue to be supervisor for the Before and After School program as well as teaching Nursery School until the end of the school year. Katrina and Geraldene do plan on keeping the licensed programs and camp programs running as they currently do now. But they do have some exciting changes in the works for Drop In Play (Enchanted Forest open Tuesdays and Thursdays to Drop In guests), yearly memberships, Birthday parties (option of loot bags and special guests appearing at the parties!!), expanded food options at the canteen and much, much more over the next few months. Keep your eyes on the website for details to come.

As I alluded to, my family and I have exciting plans for our future and I would love to share these new experiences with you all as well. If you are interested in keeping in touch, I would invite you to follow my Facebook page here where I will continue to post updates on my blog. I will be finishing the school year at A Gym Tale as supervisor of the licensed programs (nursery school and before and after school), but as of June 26th my time at A Gym Tale will come to an end.

Thank you for all of the memories.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Gym Tale's Nursery School Program

Registration is now open for Fall 2015 Nursery School! It has been brought to my attention that many people do not actually know what the Nursery School set up looks like - it is very different from play classes and birthday parties. This post will show you what the learning space looks like as well as a bit about the program. Please feel free to call or email anytime to organize a tour.

The Nursery School program is a drop off program for children 2.5 years to 4 years of age. We offer a morning (9-11:30) and an afternoon program (12:15-2:45) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with the option of 1, 2 or 3 days a week. The program runs from September 2015 - June 2016.

The children participate in a Reggio inspired classroom prepared to entice children to explore science, math, language, manipulatives and building, reading, writing and dramatic play. Children take part in circle times, an introduction to French (through songs, calendar and stories), stories, music, open ended art, sensory play, group games and always ending with gym time! The program moves quickly keeping little ones busy but offers plenty of opportunities for choices and creativity.

Language activities, letters, writing centre in far corner and blue table for group activities.
Building and manipulative activities

Science activities on shelf and dramatic play area which changes bi-weekly

Writing centre to encourage doodles, drawings and early writing skills.

Table for group activities and cozy, covered reading area for sharing stories.

The Nursery School program also includes plenty of special activities such as a trip to the grocery store during our food theme, visits from pets, the dentist, Fire trucks, construction workers and many other community helpers. We also enjoy Holiday concerts, teddy bear picnics and an end of year graduation ceremony.

My bulldog loves his annual visits:)

And of course the last 30 minutes is always gym time which alternates between the gymnastics equipment and the playground.

Spaces still remain for the 2015-2016 school year. For more details please visit the website (, email, call or visit and we would love to show you around!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Day in the Life of Everly

I cannot remember the last post I made and I really have been trying - why don't kids all sleep at the same time or at least sleep in the evenings?!!!

I get lots of comments each day about how I manage to work with Everly. It is one of the greatest benefits that A Gym Tale has given me - the ability to keep my children with me while I continue to work. I am very fortunate that each of them has loved being wrapped up and carried. Everly is probably most content out of my three kids to be carried and loves just taking everything in as I go about my morning at A Gym Tale. 

I thought I would show some photos of a day in the life of Everly and highlight some of the things that baby wearing makes possible.

Snuggles before the chaos begins:)

I open A Gym Tale at 7:30am for the Before School Program and I begin disinfecting the toddler area.

I then move on to the pirate ship and castle - the worst part of my day!

Answering the phone is becoming increasingly more difficult!

Gym & Music play classes.
Play time with her friends!
Isla reading her sister a story in the afternoon.

Everly adores her big brother!

Making dinner and lunches for the next day.

Dadddy time <3 td="">

Everly is really struggling with teething, so this is where she ends up sleeping in the evenings so that I can get work done.