Monday, September 30, 2013


Oh, September - where did you go?! This has been one of the busiest months this year! Or maybe it is just the shock of jumping back into work after such a restful summer?

The first week of September brought with it 'Meet the Teacher' days for A Gym Tale's Nursery School program as well as the start of the Before & After School program. Both programs have taken off wonderfully and we are so lucky to have such a great group of children in both programs - very active and energetic but still focused enough to for us to begin planning some exciting activities. If you are still looking for a Nursery School program or Before & After School care there are two spaces remaining in each.

Photo by Elizabeth Fulton Photography
Personally, the first week of September brought Ewan's first day of Kindergarten. I was very anxious about this week - actually, kind of dreading letting my baby boy go! However, after we met his teacher and he had his first two days of school that week, I was very much put at ease. His teacher is wonderful  and Ewan is loving going to school - especially riding the bus each morning. Although we do not really know what he is doing while he is there - which is really difficult as a parent to not know everything that is happening in your childs' day. I get bits of stories here and there that I try and piece together, however, for the most part Ewan says that he plays backgammon and touches the snakes when Rays Reptiles goes for their daily visits - neither of these events are true!!! He is happy, so he must be enjoying whatever they are doing in class.

Mid-September at A Gym Tale marked the beginning of the Fall Gym & Music Play classes. I always forget how much I enjoy hosting these classes. The classes are a great way for young children to learn basic gymnastics skills by exploring the gym equipment at their own pace within a confined area in which everything is available to them in that area. The classes also incorporate songs, music, parachute play and of course the bubble cool down as well as play on the playground before and after class. It is a really nice opportunity to meet so many families and get to know both the children and the parents.

At home my kids and I have been trying different routines and schedules and I think that we have fallen into a really nice routine that will work well for us this year. Each of us are out to work, school or a family members home for the morning and lunch. We then come back together for quiet afternoons. Isla can have a consistent nap each day, while Ewan and I have some time for reading and projects in the afternoons. As a family, we have decided to only have Ewan attend school in the mornings, and I am really happy with how this is working for us. Ewan is still getting a chance to play with children his age as well as having free afternoons to play and learn while following his own interests. Bedtime has also moved much earlier to between 6:30-7pm. Having an evening to work, relax, exercise and even have adult conversations is simply amazing!

As for exercise, I have now been 'training' and running consistently for 7 months. I am very proud that I have continued to carve out this time for myself - even in the busiest of weeks I have been running at least once. I love the friendships that I have made while running as well as the progress that I have made over the past 7 months. My 5km time has improved by 4.5 minutes and I am really enjoying my time running. I have my 'big' 10 km run at the end of October and I am even considering registering for a half marathon for next spring to keep me motivated over the winter.

With the anxiety and all of the new beginnings that came along with
September I am very much looking forward to settling into a more relaxed October!