Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ewan is now walking! How to Baby proof?

Ewan is now officially walking - not just a couple of steps, but actually crossing the room! So I guess that means that I should start some sort of baby proofing. This is where I need your help. After looking online for baby proofing items, I have found that there are thousands of items available! I am assuming that the majority of these items are not necessities and simply a marketing ploy to make more money off of toddlers.  I have three baby gates, one for the top and the bottom of the stairs as well as to block a single step going to the dropped laundry room. The heavy furniture in Ewan's room and play room have also been secured to the walls to avoid any tipping. As well, I have plugs for each of the electrical outlets. What else do I really need?

Ewan has not shown any interest in cupboards as of yet - will he eventually? Are all of those latches really necessities?

Please let me know what you feel were your most important baby proofing items. Thank you!


  1. I think the locks are a key necessity for a few key cupboards (the ones with kitchen knives, the ones with some not too toxic cleaners in them - the other ones are much higher of course, the garbage). You don't need to lock all of them - especially your tupperware and pots if you don't mind him playing with them. I wish I had bought Tot Locks. My kids learned the other ones way too fast, and then they're useless.

  2. Yay Ewan! I found that cupboard locks were helpful for us for those cupboards under sinks and in bathrooms to keep them out of all the things in there. We also used door handle locks on the door to the basement as well as the front and garage doors. He's a little young yet, but eventually will learn how to turn a handle and could just walk out the house! And of course, my #1 recommendation is if you have a fireplace, to put a screen in front of it.

  3. Tracy (mom to Cara and Brandon)August 2, 2010 at 10:31 PM

    Hi Lindsay,
    Congrats on the puppy and the toddling toddler! It will become obvious as time goes on what safety devices you will need...and it really depends on the type of child he is. So I wouldn't run out and buy everything- you've covered the basic ones. I think at this point, though, we've needed them all-LOL!! Door knob covers are the latest and it took Brandon about 2 days to figure out how to take them off the door knobs, so we've now got super duper door knob covers:) The products we've liked best are by Kidco and sold at Kiddytown. As for cupboard doors, we bought latches for some and others we simply removed the knobs. We have now even placed plexiglass in front of the bannisters because these two monkeys have tried to climb them! Yikes! See you in the fall!!