Saturday, September 10, 2011

The big debate!

So Tuesday afternoon I have my next ultrasound booked to find out what the gender of the baby is...if we end up going. I booked this ultrasound in July, tentatively, because Alan and I were not in agreement about finding out the gender of the baby and I thought two months would be plenty of time to debate. Well, we kind of forgot about debating and now the ultrasound is this Tuesday!

Alan is all for finding out the gender and I would kind of like the experience of the big surprise. And to be honest, I just don't feel the urgency this time around. The pregnancy is flying by, I in week 20 - the half way point already, and have barely given thought to this baby! We have everything we need this time around, unless a girl - I guess we will need more clothes, a few girly cloth diapers and new bedding. But we really have all the essentials that we will need. But I have such little time off - do I want to spend it picking things up that I could have done in advance. Other bonus is naming the baby - we already have a girl name picked out - since my first pregnancy, but another boy name would be an almost impossible task - that could really take my whole 9 weeks off post baby to decide on a name! The other pro of finding out would be to better prepare Ewan of a brother or sister.

Even with these points I am not quite convinced. So, as much advice over the next few days would be very much appreciated!! Please help us with this decision and let me know what you chose and why.


  1. Wait for the big surprise. With our first I didn't want to know the sex and my husband did. So at the 19 week U/S we had the sex written down on a post-it note. I then gave it to my husband. He's good at keeping secrets so I had no idea what sex the baby was. (So hopefully if your husband can keep the secret let him look.) But it was so amazing to not know what I was having and then after 12 hours of labour I got to see my baby. Funny enough I didn't hear the doctor call out the sex so when the baby was on the warming bed I asked what I had and everyone giggled. I had a beautiful baby boy. Super exciting!

    If you are due after Christmas, you can have the U/S tech write down the sex and you and your husband put the paper in the box and wrap it up for Christmas. Then Christmas morning you can unwrap your gift together.

    Good luck - either way you'll have a beautiful baby.

  2. I was the one who wanted to find out the gender of the baby and hubby was like nope don't want to know. After a little convincing on his part. I jumped on the wagon and said. I will wait and found out when my little Baby Boy was born! It was the best feeling ever and I never had any regrets doing so. In fact I did it again with my second pregnancy and was blessed with another healthy little boy! :)

    Best Wishes to you and your family! You will do what's right for you and what works!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. We choose not to find out because I figure it doesn't matter what type of genitals my baby has. I am looking forward to meeting this person, whoever they are, regardless if they are a boy or a girl and I don't want to change my initial meeting by having preconceived idea of who they are and for me knowing the sex does change how I perceive them. Does that make any sense, it's late I should be sleeping? :)