Thursday, November 17, 2011

Last Trimester!

I am now currently in the last trimester of pregnancy- which I am both thrilled with and also a little saddened  - and also a little anxious. I am excited that very soon we will get to meet the new addition to the family and start on a whole new adventure together as a family.

However, I am also saddened that everything will also be changing - Ewan is at such an great stage right now - everything he can do and everything he says has Alan and I both amazed and entertained all the time. It is also wonderful to be able to give him our full and undivided attention and really just to be the three of us.

The anxiety is stemming from being away from the centre for 8 weeks - don't get me wrong, I am very confident with the staff that I have, however some things you just know because you are always there - like needing to dust the groove of a particular toddler toy or the top of a triangle in the pirate ship that collects dust like crazy or knowing how to set up the obstacle course for a particular theme. Writing these things down make them seem silly and I am sure the centre will not only survive, but will continue to thrive while I am away - it is just hard to leave my first 'baby' for that amount of time.

I have been trying to really stay in the moment when I am with Ewan and really make the most of the one on one time that we have together. I also feel like I should be trying to squeeze in special things that we can do 'just us' - like jetting off to Disney World! (Just kidding, not really, I kind of do really want to go.) But I am having a hard time thinking of things that we can really do only together. Maybe I should just be focusing on enjoying the day to day routine that we have created together. Any suggestions about things you did or wanted to do while it was just you and your first baby?

We are enjoying milkshakes together in the picture:)


  1. Sorry can't advise you on what to do for special one-on-one activities- rare in my world :) But keep in mind that little ones do not really see things the way we do so I would just say relax, take care of yourself with lots of rest and let yourself be pampered. Activities that seem so mindless and minute to us (like vrooming a car across the couch with him) are big in his eyes and he likely would enjoy is as much or more than a big outing or planned activity. If you are well rested and relaxed when that little pumpkin arrives, baby will fit in seamlessly. The only thing I would suggest is perhaps putting together some ziploc bags of new little activities that you can pass along to Ewan to do independently when you need 30 minutes to feed the babe. Just an idea! As for leaving the centre, I've struggled with that when I've had to be away from my class for periods of time and ultimately the detailed picture can't be planned ahead (believe me I've tried!) and even if you could, in doing so you might just stifle another teacher's creativity. You really do just have to trust the person you've left in charge. You will do great as a mom of two, Lindsay! Best wishes for a healthy final trimester! Tracy D.

  2. Thank you Tracy - I love the idea of making new activities for Ewan! And that is so very true about stifling the other teachers creativity - a point of view I had not taken into account.