Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Good things happening at A Gym Tale!

So I have written about it on Facebook, but I can't stop going on about the new front entrance at A Gym Tale! It is just so wonderful! And so spacious with so much space to sit down - and not just on child sized benches - adults can sit now too!
Alan came up with a fantastic layout, that really does not take up much more space at the centre. I think it will be beneficial to everyone to sacrifice some space from the eating area to the front area (and yes, I realize an ideal solution would have been to rent a bigger space from the outset, however rent is so ridiculously high in Barrhaven that we really had to work within the constraints of 4000 sq/ft). Alan and the contractor did such amazing work and did it all over the Easter weekend. A huge thank you to both of you!

Pick up and drop off times must be so much more relaxed and on weekends parties will be able to both arrive and leave without fighting over space. Guests should be entering A Gym Tale excited to be there as opposed to being frustrated over the lack of space. I kind of just want to sit in the front entrance and listen to everyone be amazed by the space or even just sit with them since there are so many benches!

Other exciting news is that A Gym Tale was listed in April's Today's Parent magazine as one of the best indoor playgrounds in all of Canada. It was such a surprise and honour to be recognized. Alan and I pride ourselves on creating a unique space and programs / birthday parties that focus entirely on fitness. With the Pirate Ship & Castle playground and the gymnastics area there is no room at all for any video games / arcade that is seen in the majority of indoor playgrounds. We are so excited to be mentioned in that category.

So stop by to see me at A Gym Tale on a Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday to say hello during Drop-In Play or anytime for a quick peek at the renovations!

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