Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Ewan

A letter to my Ewan,

Happy 3rd Birthday Ewan! You are a smart, well spoken little guy with quite the sense of humour. You love being the centre of attention -whether you are dancing, singing or playing an instrument or simply telling a story. You exude confidence and sadly, for me anyway, have no problems leaving your mommy as you participate in your independent activities, such as gymnastics and swimming. You have an incredible memory and you love 'reading' stories to everyone. You are very big into music as well as letters and rhyming words. You also love your electronics and have begun a new passion for photography. Your favourite way to pass the time is definitely outside with your dog - exploring the yard, working in your garden and collecting rocks - and chasing the dog with your lawn mower. Your second favourite activity is playing chase with your friends, you absolutely love playing with friends. You are still such a cuddly boy and we still snuggle in bed as you fall asleep each night. You can never give enough kisses to everyone and will always fill the silence with an I Love You to bits and bites and pieces.

It has been such an incredible year with many changes and you have taken them all in stride. The biggest change being that you have become a big brother and you love this role so much. You are so kind and gentle (most of the time) and simply love watching your sister and teaching her things. She has an amazing smile that I am sure she got from you.

We love you so much and are so proud of the little boy that you are growing into. We cannot wait to see what this year hold's for you and to see your personality continue to unfold and grow.

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