Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Big Things are Happening at A Gym Tale!

Now if you thought the front entrance was impressive this past Spring, just wait until you see what we have been up to this summer!

I have already been blogging about the new Nursery School Program - check out the program and availability here. Registration has also just begun for the Gym & Music classes for infants 3 months up to children 3.5 years of age and lots of new props, songs and activities will be integrated throughout the session. Check out our classes and schedule here. I really am so excited for Isla to experience the play classes just as Ewan had the chance to enjoy!

As for your experience as a guest when at A Gym Tale we are striving to make it more relaxing for parents, stimulating for babies and toddlers and just as much fun for the kids on the move!

To begin with, new flooring is being put down around the indoor playground. The soft foam tiles have been looking a little rough, so I think this will be a huge improvement. Seating in the eating area is also being updated - no more folding chairs and tables (yes, I will admit we definitely skimped in this area in order to meet our original budget!). A Gym Tale now will have real tables and chairs for adults! Furthermore, A Gym Tale will also have free internet access during the week! Although I am told there are still a few security kinks that need to be worked out (anyone with any advice on this please email me!). Just imagine - sitting at a sturdy, non-folding table, surfing the net on your Ipad (or whatever you use) while your little ones run themselves to exhaustion on the playground! That would be amazing.

As for babies and toddlers - space is limited at A Gym Tale, so I often recommend the New Magic, Enchantments or Wee Wonders classes to entertain your little one with songs, gymnastics, parachute games and bubbles as opposed to the Drop In Play. I do still highly recommend the Gym and Music classes for the younger age group, however, now when your class is finished or before it begins bring your little one over to our updated toddler area! This area will have baby bouncer seats and Bumbo seats for our littlest guests as well as a new ball pit. Yes, a ball pit that will not fall apart if your little one moves while they are in it! I will also have a variety of stationary activities available within the eating area to amuse the youngest guests while you perhaps enjoy a coffee.

Last, but certainly not least, A Gym Tale will very soon be offering online booking for birthday parties. That is right - you no longer need to call A Gym Tale and leave messages while programs are in session. You will be able to book parties at your convenience and receive follow up calls from us to ensure that all of your questions have been answered and to leave you feeling confident that your child will have the very best party ever!

I would like to invite everyone to see and enjoy all of these updates this Fall season. A Gym Tale will be hosting a Guest Appreciation Day on Sunday, September 9th from 10am-6pm! All Drop In Play guests will be half price:) Come and visit us, and maybe get an autograph from some of our friends - Spiderman, Wolverine, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine!

We look forward to hosting the most fun Fall activities and Birthday parties in a bright and stimulating environment for the children and offering a place for parents to play with their children and sit back and relax!


  1. Lindsay, one thing A Gym Tale could improve on is the food selection (especially for birthday parties). I'd like to have my 3 year old's birthday party at A Gym Tale, but the pizza is not very good and hot dogs aren't very healthy....

  2. We are working on expanding the food selection. The pizza is delivered by a catering company for us to bake in store to ensure it is the freshest possible for each party. I have not found another source willing to offer us uncooked pizza. Space is our biggest limitation so we cannot even attempt a restaurant as some of the other playgrounds do. At this time baking is the most we can do which does place quite a few limitations. Thank you for the feedback, we are always trying to improve so any suggestions would be more than welcome!

  3. How about sandwich catering? Even if it's from Loblaws or Subway or Extreme Pita... I'm sure they can have an allergy-free selection. In fact, they might be able to cut dairy (which the pizza cannot). Glad to hear you are looking at that!