Sunday, January 20, 2013

My babies are growing just too fast!

This weekend we celebrated Isla's first birthday! It is so hard to believe that one year has passed already since Isla made her dramatic entrance with an unexpected home birth! In such a short time, Isla has changed from a calm, relaxed and content infant into a loud, laughing, and very mobile toddler who loves to climb everything! She is a happy and smiley girl who has quite the sense of humour and loves to make everyone laugh by putting everything on her head! She also adores her big brother. No one can make Isla laugh like Ewan and as soon as she opens her eyes in the morning and after nap time she is calling for him.

We had a wonderful party on Saturday for Isla where she very much enjoyed her cake and balloons. Elizabeth Fulton once again worked her magic and we have some beautiful pictures to remember this adorable stage. A Piece of Cake Ottawa also did an amazing job with both Isla's smash cake and our party cake - they were stunning and delicious! Isla was  also a very lucky little girl and received some precious gifts, including a little carriage and cradle for her new doll, puzzles and pull toys, and a new pink chair (so the rocking chair that quickly became a safety hazard with a little climber could be removed!)

Just as I am coming to grips with my baby now being a toddler, I have to go out tomorrow and register my preschooler for Kindergarten tomorrow - this is going to be too much for me in one week! I have never so much identified with the quote "the day's are long, but the years are short" as I have this week.

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