Sunday, April 28, 2013

Chasing the ever-elusive goal of balance

Once again I have not written in some time. And this time it is not because of a teething baby (thankfully!) Although, maybe this is worse because I am the cause of my own lack of free time. Sometimes, all of a sudden, I have a thousand great ideas come to me - and then I decide to do them all. Which obviously does not leave much time for anything.

Take my house for example, dishes have not been done in so long that we no longer have any utensils. At first it was just no spoons, which we just used forks instead - it makes eating cereal in the morning more of a game with the kids. But then we had no spoons either. No problem, we just drank our soup out of mugs. And then had to use the same mugs for milk, because, well there were no other cups left either. I may have to do the mountains of dishes tonight if we are to consume anything at all tomorrow.

After the mountains of dishes, I must face the piles of laundry. We are at the point where no one has any clean underwear tomorrow - that is the last straw and means laundry must be done. It is actually amazing how long we have lasted. Alan wouldn't dare ask about any dress shirts for work, he just quietly moved into his summer wardrobe - and look at today's weather, it is perfect timing! Ewan wondered why he no longer had any pyjama's but then quite enjoyed wearing summer t-shirts and shorts instead - he said he would dream about the beach. On Saturday, I even had to resort to wearing my ugly lulu lemon pants to work - the ones that should have been tossed because they have been worn almost weekly for 7 years, but I just cannot bring myself to toss lulu lemon pants - and thank goodness, because yesterday I had no other options. So, laundry is next on my to-do list.

Now, you might ask where Alan is during all of this - don't worry he has been kept busy with the never-ending spring yard maintenance checklist. With the added pressure that he is travelling for a week and only gets back the day before Ewan's birthday party - which, hopefully will be held outside (there is no way I can let anyone in with the condition of my house right now!) so everything outside is a priority.

What I have I been doing?

Well, one of my grand ideas was to start all of my garden veggies from seed. I thought it would be a great learning experience for Ewan and we would get a longer growing season. I definitely forgot how much time and space this project takes. I have now turned my bathroom into a greenhouse.

My second plan was to make a lot of Isla's summer clothes as well as a beautiful picnic blanket that I found on pinterest - I must never go back on pinterest! I then made the mistake of going to Fabricland and going on a shopping spree. So all of these wonderful projects are sprawled out over my basement.

I also asked on Facebook for some ideas for Ewan's loot bags for his dinosaur themed party. I was given some really great ideas. But then I found the most amazing idea of all! If I can pull it off, which may require me not to sleep for the next 10 days, it will be the perfect addition to the party! It is top secret right now, I will post pictures later if it all works out.

Lastly, I decided to start running and train for some races. I ran my first 5km today and although it was tougher than I thought it would be, what an incredible feeling to cross the finish line! Even better was having my family there to cheer me on as I came around the last bend. Ewan was so proud of me! I plan to continue my training with 3 runs a week, including the one at A Gym Tale on Tuesday's at 1:15 - which was also wonderful to run with so many amazing women this week.

To add to all of these projects, I have to update my First Aid and CPR training. Although very important, the thought of spending the next 3 nights from 6-10pm doing this course is really not appealing at all.

So, after all of this wraps up, I will blog again - in about 2 weeks or so! I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather, that is hopefully here to stay.

Ewan and Isla loving the backyard play time!

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