Thursday, July 18, 2013

When does the lying stop?!

Ewan has now entered a new stage...lying. All. The. Time.  It is mostly about the bathroom - whether or not he used the bathroom, flushed the toilet or washed his hands. He will come out and state what he has done with the guiltiest looking smirk on his face. Here are the stages of his expressions:

Trying not to smile...



turning away..

full on guilty smile!

I will then repeat for him to go and use the bathroom, wash hands and off he will run to the bathroom yelling "how do you know these things?!"

Recently he has started testing Alan and I to see if we really do know everything. He will come out of the bathroom and state that he used it, flushed and washed his hands - then make the face - Alan and I repeat for him to go back to the bathroom. He then shouts "Ha, I did already, smell my hands!" and of course they are usually still wet and full of soap!

He has also started blaming his sister - poor Isla! Ewan took it upon himself one day to draw stick people on our tv screen. I will give a bit of a back story as he has never drawn on anything but paper before. The week before we were talking about how Dora is a cartoon, not a real person. A cartoon is a drawing on tv. WHY did I not go further than this?!!! So, Ewan thought he would draw some people on the tv and then turn on the tv and watch them dance around. He was very disappointed that this is not what happened. And I ended up with stick people on my television. Anyway, when I finally noticed the drawings I had asked Ewan why he would do such a thing - he stated that Isla did it. When I said that Isla cannot reach, nor can she draw stick people, his response was "well, she did!" Afterwards I got the full story when I asked why he thought Isla would draw on the tv.

So, will this stage end? Or do the lies just get bigger?!

An example of the stick people on my tv.

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  1. I wouldn't get too upset over this behavior..Try fighting fire with fire. When he asks "What's for dinner?" say "French fries and hot dogs" then serve liver. When he objects, just say " I lied".