Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Day in the Life of Everly

I cannot remember the last post I made and I really have been trying - why don't kids all sleep at the same time or at least sleep in the evenings?!!!

I get lots of comments each day about how I manage to work with Everly. It is one of the greatest benefits that A Gym Tale has given me - the ability to keep my children with me while I continue to work. I am very fortunate that each of them has loved being wrapped up and carried. Everly is probably most content out of my three kids to be carried and loves just taking everything in as I go about my morning at A Gym Tale. 

I thought I would show some photos of a day in the life of Everly and highlight some of the things that baby wearing makes possible.

Snuggles before the chaos begins:)

I open A Gym Tale at 7:30am for the Before School Program and I begin disinfecting the toddler area.

I then move on to the pirate ship and castle - the worst part of my day!

Answering the phone is becoming increasingly more difficult!

Gym & Music play classes.
Play time with her friends!
Isla reading her sister a story in the afternoon.

Everly adores her big brother!

Making dinner and lunches for the next day.

Dadddy time <3 td="">

Everly is really struggling with teething, so this is where she ends up sleeping in the evenings so that I can get work done.

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  1. Beautiful Life :) tiring i'm sure :) but oh so beautiful