Sunday, January 24, 2010

Separation Anxiety

Now that school is back underway after the Holiday break, everyone must get back into their daily routines. For some children this is an exciting time to get to do fun activities, gym time, and socializing with friends. For other children, a two week break can send them back to the heart wrenching episodes of separation anxiety when leaving Mom & Dad - like it was the first day of school all over again.

What leads to separation anxiety? There are many possible contributors - from personality, changes at home, up-bringing etc. Even so, some children who you would think might have problems leaving their parents never even take a look back at mom & dad!

I have to admit, my son is not away from me very often. To be truthful, he is not really even out of my arms that often! Now in the abundance of parenting literature there tend to be two schools of thought - one that recommends keeping your children close to you as much as possible in order to develop a strong sense of attachment that leads to confident children who are open to new experiences. The second school of thought encourages boundaries in order to teach children self soothing skills and become accustomed to leaving mom & dad - also leading to children who are confident in new situations. Both sides are adamant that they are right.

Is either side right? Or does it simply depend on the child's temperament and personality?

One thing is true, all children do get past their anxieties with caring and supportive individuals around them. Some may take longer than others mother continually reminds me that I cried every single day for both Junior and Senior Kindergarten. And I guess I turned out alright ;)

Anyway, my hope is that my son grows up to be a confident and outgoing child who enjoys new experiences. However, I do hope that he does take a look back to wave to me!

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  1. today was the first day Kayleigh didn't cry :) :) :) only took 4 months :) Thank-you again for helping her get there :) Separation Anxiety is much easier for child and parent with Teachers like you and your staff :)