Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring is here!

Is it too soon to say that Spring is here? I hope I do not jinx it! The past week has been such beautiful weather, I have tried to take every opportunity to take advantage of it. Ewan has been to the park three times and absolutely loves it! Even though he cannot yet move - you would think it would be any day now - he loves playing in the sand, throwing sand and eating sand (only once, I turned away for a moment). He also loves going down the slide, which is also a good arm workout for me. The swings are another favorite that brings about non-stop giggles. And after we have made the rounds of the park, Ewan can watch the other children running around for another half hour more. We have very much been enjoying the park!

On another note, Ewan now has 4 teeth, Yay! And he is much happier and much more playful. However, he is still not liking when I put him down. Is anyone else going through a clingy stage like this? It is not stranger anxiety and not really separation anxiety - if I actually leave the house, he does just fine. But if I am in the house, he needs to be in my arms constantly, even through nap times. As a bonus, I have never had such muscular arms before, nor have I read so many books!

After moving to a new neighborhood in late August, it is wonderful to see so many familiar faces in the area. I am so happy that I am now living in such a family and child centered neighborhood. I look forward to seeing more of A Gym Tale's guests outside of the center through the spring and summer at the local park!


  1. Hi Lindsay....
    It's Isabella's mom, Anna....remember me?
    I have been having the same problems with Sophia and her being clingy, or wanting to be in my arms all the time. If I leave her sight for just a few seconds she cries. It is so hard to get anything done around here with the 2 of them. Sophia cut her 2 bottom teeth about a month ago, at 6 months old. It was bad for a few days, but it is so much better now. Hang in there!!
    By the way....Isabella is always singing "Once upon a time at a Gymtale we played" cute.

  2. Hi Anna, of course I remember yourself and Isabella! Ewa's 2 front teeth have just come through and things seem to be getting back to 'normal'. We will see how long it lasts!