Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day

This past Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day. Although a busy morning with the Carnival at A Gym Tale, the afternoon was full of relaxation and spending time with family.

I am very lucky to have a great dad who is very involved in my life and always has been. From being at every soccer game and tournament, every school event, and even visiting me throughout the year when I was away at University. And now, he is a wonderful Grandfather to Ewan. He absolutely loves spending time with Ewan and makes sure to see him several times a week - many of you have seen him at A Gym Tale bringing Ewan to his morning class! And Ewan absolutely adores him!

Ewan is also very lucky to have a wonderful Gramps (Alan's dad) as well. Gramps is always excited to have Ewan visiting and will bring him around the office to show him off - Ewan has sat in (and participated) on many a conference call or simply banged away on the keyboards! Gramps is also the one to sneak Ewan all of the treats that he isn't supposed to be eating!

And then Alan deserves special recognition for being such a wonderful father. From the very first hour Ewan was born, Alan has been involved in every aspect of caring and loving Ewan. From diaper changes to feeding to putting Ewan to bed (an impossible task when I am not around) Alan is always there. Even when Ewan really didn't like Alan (he couldn't breastfeed, lol!) he stuck it out and they now have an incredible bond. Ewan doesn't move much, but you should see him scramble to the door anyway he can to see dad when he comes home from work! Alan also began spending all of Saturday mornings with Ewan when I went back to work when Ewan was only 3 months old. He even ventured out to take Ewan to swimming lessons - I still don't know how he managed the change rooms!

Ewan is a very lucky boy to have two wonderful grandfathers and a very special dad in his life.

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