Sunday, June 6, 2010

More Teeth!

So the past week has been a little rough as Ewan is currently having 3 teeth break through - so once again I am complaining and going on very little sleep! But as of today we are almost there - all three are just about through.

Another issue we are currently dealing with is sleep or lack of it and I could very much use some advice. Except for the teething issue this past week, in which case nights have been exceptionally bad, Ewan still will wake up every two hours or so. We decided early on to do a family bed because that worked best for us since I began working 6 days a week when he was 4 months old and I am nursing him. It was just so convenient simply having to roll over as opposed to fully wake up and go down the hallway. But I guess Ewan has obviously become accustomed to this and really has not gotten used to falling asleep any other way. Once the school year is over and I will have some time off, my next step is to try and night wean him.

Anyone else have any sleep issues like this? If so, what got you through?


  1. My son slept in bed with us until he was almost 11 months. I felt the same way when I was nursing - much easier to just roll over than to have to fully wake up! It got to the point where he was waking up quite often in the middle of the night and no one was getting very much sleep. The transition was a little difficult (maybe more so for Mom than everyone else) but within about 9 days he was sleeping right through the night in his crib. I pumped one MASSIVE (12 oz ... now that could just be my child eating that much, lol) bottle before bedtime and fed him that. We always read books before bed so that part was still routine. Then I just placed him in his crib - which is where he napped anyway- and had to remind myself that the screaming and crying would soon cease and that this was probably the best solution for everyone.

    Like I said, 9 days and we were golden. He's 20 months now and sleeps in his crib from 7:30pm - 7:00am. He does get formula (or a nutritional supplement I guess) before bed. Enfamil for 12+.

    Good Luck!