Thursday, August 26, 2010

A New Year around the corner!

With the last few days being so cool, it kind of feels like fall already. With one last week of camp - which is going to be a mash up of all the themes, it is guaranteed to be a great week. Then we are back into the Fall programming with Nursery School and the Before / After School program getting under way and a few weeks later the Play classes will also begin.

It is also a time of goodbye's and welcomes when it comes to staff. I am very sad to say that Kelly will be leaving us after 4 years. She is moving on to a new full time position and I wish her the best of luck. Kelly has been a wonderful addition to A Gym Tale and has touched many children's lives. She has helped A Gym Tale grow and transition to meet the needs of our community. A Gym Tale will also be losing some of the best party hostess's that we have ever had as they move on to University and I also wish them great success. At the same time, I would like to welcome the new party hostess's onto our team as well as welcome back Chrissy who is returning from her mat leave to teach in the Nursery School program.

It always feels like a fresh start each year with new intentions and resolutions. I am very excited about the new program ideas that are being put into place for both the Nursery School and the Before / After School program. We will be introducing many new themes and new activities into both programs.

The most exciting part of the new season is getting to know all of the new children and families to A Gym Tale and welcoming back our 'old' guests after a summer hiatus. We have big plans for this year at A Gym Tale and we are very excited to get it underway!

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