Monday, September 13, 2010

I Survived the First Week of School!

Last week was the first week of the Before School program as well as the Nursery School program. Although, as I said in my previous post that I was very excited to meet all of the new children and families, I was not looking forward to having to be at A Gym Tale for 7:15am! But I made it there on time each day and I have to admit it was quite nice getting up before everyone else in my home and getting ready in peace and I was very productive having the extra morning time at the centre. Not to mention the children in the program are so happy and excited to be there each morning.

It was also great getting back into the Nursery School Teacher role. Although the first week can be a rough start for some children, it is clear that we have a wonderful group of children in both the morning and afternoon. I am very excited to be working with Miss Linds and Miss Chrissy, we have a great year planned!

In addition, Ewan had his first day of Nursery School today. He will be attending on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. I was worried he wouldn't want to leave my side, however today he was exploring and watching the other children as well as participating in circle time. I am looking forward to having Ewan at work with me as well as having him learn from the other children. Also, in the picture below - Ewan is propped up against the door as he kept falling straight back with the weight of his bag, lol!


  1. That is the cutest picture ever!! Just look at his smile :)

  2. Adorable Pic Lindsay!! he is growing so fast