Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A relaxing late afternoon (& Doggy Daycare)

Monday's and Wednesday's are my crazy days - at the centre for 7:15am with non stop programming until 3:30pm - and then leave to go and pick up the dog, followed by picking up Ewan and then home to face making dinner - they are long days!
But the last few day's have been a little easier and have just felt like Spring to me - it has been so bright - not exactly warm though - and light out when I leave in the morning and still bright while I am making dinner. And today was an even nicer surprise - Alan left work early at 4pm and picked up Ewan so I could get home earlier, make dinner and go to a yoga class.

So today, I enjoyed making a cuban chicken dinner - (another new recipe and it was delicious!) in a bright, sunny kitchen. 

  With my dog fast asleep. 

            And Ewan and Alan happily reading books while dinner was being prepared.

I also have to highlight that if you want your crazy, hyper dog to look like mine above - you absolutely must try out Dexter's Den Doggy Daycare located on Fallowfield, in between Greenbank and Woodroffe, even just one day a week - it will truly change your life. Sidekick usually goes on Wednesday's for a full day and absolutely loves it! He knows the minute I take the leash out at 7am that he is going to visit his buddies. He practically sprints from the car to the front door of Dexter's Den and jumps all over Paul (the owner). And then when I pick him up I am always given a run down of his day by Adrienne. Once home, he gets into his bed and more or less doesn't leave until Friday evening!!! Having a few days of calmness in the house is amazing. Visit the website at for more information.


  1. Hello Lindsay!
    My little dog just had his first experience at Dexter's Den today... and since coming home around 2:30pm, he has been calm, and sleepy! He had a fabulous time running around and playing with all the dogs present at the daycare, big and small. I, being a nervous first time daycare client, called to see how my bichon frise was doing... apparently he was able to fit right in, and was attempting to dominate a few of the giant canines present. Oh my, I would expect nothing less from him...
    Anyways, my overall experience with Dexter's Den was super positive, and I am definitely going to be including them into Bentley's routine!
    Thanks for the great blog!
    Nicole G.

  2. Thank you Nicole, I am so glad that your Bentley enjoyed it! It really has made a big difference in Sidekick's behaviour, hopefully you continue to see positive results as well!

  3. Lindsay - So glad to hear you like Dexter's - I remember talking to you about your puppy last spring. Our dogs love it there too and one of them, Larry - goes every week!