Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines Day Hijacking

Alan here - Lindsay's husband. I've commandeered this blog for Valentine's Day. When she finds out what I have done, my wife will be gloriously upset and probably more so to learn that I have changed her password to ensure the publication of this important message...

Lindsay is my Valentine. So, hands off little preschool boys with teacher infatuations. There is no one I love, cherish and respect more than her and (unless Rachel McAdams sends me a friend request that I can not ignore) this is certain never to change.

As a business owner, there is no one who works harder. She spends every evening planning how to make every person happier every day for having visited A Gym Tale. She loves her job. She loves her students. She loves the challenges.

As a mom, she is everything you would want in the principle influence on a child. She is firm and tender; expecting and kind. I have no concerns about the future of Mr. Ewan Xavier Braveheart Wyllie, knowing that Lindsay is with him every step of the way. He is destined for great things and behind every great man is a great mom.

As a wife, she is loving, supportive, and patient. She would have to be. I get lots of "great ideas" and I obsess over them until I can find a way to make them a reality and then I tire of them and leave Lindsay with the upkeep. Like A Gym Tale, for example - my pet project which I swore would have nothing to do with her. So long as she helped me get it started, I would hire my own teachers and she could wipe her hands of it. How different life would have been had Lindsay pursue her own dreams instead of mine...

My wife is the greatest person I know. I am proud of her and I love her.

I love that she works so hard. I love that she is so great with children and even better with our own. I love that she puts up with me (I am funny, but I often tend to be the only person that thinks so, and she has to deal with me amusing myself every day). I love that she relaxes with me (when possible) while drinking coffee and watching TV shows that she hates. I love that she makes me a new dinner every night knowing that I don't like anything but meat and potatoes. I love that she finds a new hobby every other month that she pours her soul into until something else comes along. I love that she enjoys any book that comes in a pastel cover and any movie that stars Hugh Grant or that runs shorter than 90 minutes. I love that she will find any excuse to stay in pyjamas as long as possible. I love that she needs a dozen Lulu Lemon outfits for 3 days of play classes. I love that she only works so hard to stay active to compensate for an inhuman fetish for chocolate. I love that she makes me a better me. I love that she has shared half of my life with me and still finds ways to for me to look foward to the rest of it.


  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhh that made me smile, beautiful V-day gift :)

  2. Awwww! That's very sweet! Lindsay is definitely children adore her! Happy Valentine's Day to both of you from the Henderson's!

  3. Thank you Alan - that is a beautiful letter and a wonderful surprise. Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. What a guy! Keep him, Lindsay :-)