Thursday, October 13, 2011

Envelope Opened! (Exercising a Dad's Right to Know)

Shhhhhh... I have to share some news..., but don't tell Lindsay...

This might be the last time I have the chance to hijack my wife's blog.

That statement is not necessarily meant to infer that I will not live long after writing this entry - although testing a hormonal woman's patience at this stage of pregnancy might suggest otherwise. At the very least, Lindsay is sure to change her password this time.

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!
(just, don't tell her Mom yet)

All I can hope is that Lindsay will grow to understand that I did what I did with her in mind. You see, I realize that my wife has been sick for six months, is always tired - regardless of how much she sleeps, can barely tie her own shoes, and worst (as far as she's concerned) can not stomach eating chocolate. No chocolate for God's sake! The last thing I want is for her to stress any more than she has to - not when I can prevent it.

And that's what I did!

By finally opening the envelope that hid our next baby's gender from us, I have alleviated needless questions that may have been festering in her head. And the best part is, she is likely to find out tomorrow during play classes when the blog and facebook news spills in. By that time I'll be safe at work and she will have all day to calm down and realize for herself the rationality in what I have done.

Some people might even say I'm a hero. The naysayers might suggest that I have acted strictly on a childish curiosity with no concern for my wife's wishes. My fellow man however would realize the sacrifice that I have made tonight.

In an effort to silence Lindsay's subconscious questions, I have taken on an extraordinary burden three months early for which I was not prepared. I will father a daughter.

Obviously, I'm looking forward to having a Daddy's Little Girl, dressing her in frills, and singing butterfly kisses; but eventually my princess-to-be will be a teenage girl... and... that... is... not... cool.

This is my burden.


  1. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! A girl :) oh man oh man I wish I could be there to see Lindsay's face :)

  2. How wonderful!!! You are a BRAVE man Alan!!