Thursday, October 6, 2011

Have I created a Monster?!

So I think I have created an Iphone - more specifically a You Tube - addiction in Ewan!!!

About a year ago, Ewan began using my Iphone for educational apps (anything by Duck Duck Moose is amazing for toddlers / preschoolers) mostly when we were out to dinner, at A Gym Tale if I needed to take a phone call, or out doing groceries. But it has slowly progressed to him moving on to You Tube - he can actually turn on my phone, open You Tube, go to his favourites, choose a video and then scroll through all the related videos and play those!!! I don't even know how he has a favourite list and how he figured all of this out?!

I new that a problem was beginning when he started talking about my phone in his sleep - 'phone mama? Please - I NEED IT!' - all in his sleep. And then last week he pick-pocketed me and I turn around and he is huddled in a corner of the party room at A Gym Tale with the volume down low watching a Thomas video! And I should have clarified which videos he does watch - thomas, mickey mouse club house, the shrek theme song, and some penguin videos he found somehow. Now Ewan doesn't watch TV, so the only media dose he gets is the Iphone or sometimes a movie - but he now says that he 'needs' the phone and will steal anytime it is in reach. I have started to limit his usage to just before dinner time as I am getting dinner ready, but in the mornings or mid day it is like he is having withdrawals!

I am hoping with a regular 'scheduled' You Tube video time, he will get into a routine of knowing when he can have his fix and will not try to steal at other times. However, I can only imagine this addiction will get worse as he gets older.

Now he does always see me with my phone - because of A Gym Tale, my phone is always on me or on my bedside table when I sleep, or next to the shower - maybe I have an addiction! But, in the event that someone had to call in sick or an emergency during business hours the girls at work need to be able to reach me at all times.

Oh Ewan, I have tried so hard to shield you away from television and it seems I have only created an addiction to another form of media!


  1. Yea, an iPhone addiction... where could he have possibly picked that up??? (insert sarcasm)

    He had the shakes this morning when I'd left my phone in the car and your ipad upstairs. Then, basic survival instinct kicked in and he miraculously remembered how to turn on the TV and put in the jungle book dvd...

  2. Hey I love that you guys have a conversation this way!! LOL!! Never fear, addiction might be renamed blessing when baby 2 comes!! I vote Santa brings him his own ipad for Christmas- hee hee!!
    Crazy twin mom who sends cat stickers to help poor teachers cope with screamer!

  3. While we were on vacation in Cape Cod for 3 weeks I had to cut Miles off of our iPad cold turkey! It was the source of all of his tantrums. Withdrawal symptoms lasted three days, and he has been tablet free for 2 weeks now.