Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Today is officially the first day of Spring and what a beautiful day it was! It has felt amazing to have such warm sunny days over the past week. I have a sense of relief that I actually made it through the winter that I haven't felt before - maybe it was being pregnant, the sleepless nights with a new born or just starting to go stir crazy spending so much time at home as opposed to going out to work every day - but it has felt like the longest winter ever.

The spring weather has brought with it long walks with the baby and dog while Alan chases Ewan on his bike, afternoons spent at the park, play dates, ice cream in the evenings and today even using the bbq for dinner! It is the most perfect way to spend the last week of Alan's leave from work and my second last week away from A Gym Tale. The spring has also brought about a new routine as I am gearing up to go back to work and with all of the spring session registrations to keep Ewan busy now that he does not spend 3 days a week at A Gym Tale! I am very excited to be coming back to A Gym Tale part time to run the spring Music & Gym classes. I cannot wait to meet so many new families and to catch up with families that have been doing the past several sessions of play classes. I am also very excited to get the chance to see Ewan participate in his own classes (ones that I am not running!). Since Ewan is turning 3 years old early May I have been able to enrol him in swimming and gymnastics classes that he will do on his own now. This feels like a major milestone to me - I am really going to miss doing the classes together  (although we do have a music class we will do together), but it is also so exciting to see my little boy growing up before my eyes. I do not think he will have any trouble going on his own - he is a pretty confident and outgoing little guy - but I am still so nervous for him! 

For anyone looking to add an activity to their Spring routine, I believe there are still a few spaces in the New Magic, Wee Wonders & Gym Stars programs. I will look forward to seeing everyone in a few weeks and I hope you are all getting a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather!


  1. I noticed the pic of Ewan on his bike. Glad to see he is cruising. I never did manage to get the boys over to cruise with him last year but he looks like he's doing great. Hope your last few weeks off are great. We enrolled Nathan our youngest, who will be 3 in May, in the Friday preschool morning classes for next fall so perhaps we'll be seeing more of you depending on what classes you end up teaching. Darlene Riley - Mom of Curtis Riley preschool Mon - Wed class of 09/10 and the mom who sold you Ewan's bike.

  2. Hi Darlene,

    It was shocking how quickly Ewan picked up using the Strider bike! I look forward to getting to know Nathan, I will be back full time for September so I will see him every Friday!