Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Creating a daily / weekly rhythm

Now that I am at home 7 days a week I am having a hard time creating a structure to our day and I am the type of person that does need structure to feel organized.

When I was working Ewan's schedule of where he goes was the same every week, but I think a lot for him to remember as no two days were ever the same. Our schedule before Isla's arrival: Monday's he comes to work with me from 8:30-11:30 and then my mom picks him up and takes him back to my home until I get there at 4pm. Tuesday's he is dropped off at my mother in law's and I pick him up at 1pm. Wednesday is again work with me and then picked up at 11:30 by my mother in law until I pick him up at 4pm. Thursday's my dad goes straight to my home, so they can have a morning together and I get home at 1pm. Friday's he is at work with me and we both leave at 11:30. Saturday's are gymnastics with dad until I finish work at 11am, and Sunday's we try to do nothing at all but spend a quiet day at home. It has been a busy schedule for him to keep track of! I am very lucky that I have so much family so involved and to be honest it also saves on having to make the time to visit everyone as they are all a part of my son's week. 

But now that I am home all day I do want to create a regular routine for us. The only structure currently set up for the week is that Ewan will still visit his Gran on Tuesday mornings when Alan goes to work, gymnastics on Wednesday mornings with dad and skating with his Grandpa on Thursday mornings. But quite often I find that we are struggling to even make it downstairs by 9am for breakfast - how I ever made it to work for 7:15am every morning I really don't know! I would like to have a regular flow to our days, but every day still seems to be all over the place. And is Ewan ever a handful when we do not have a plan for the day! Even when I am back to work part time in April, we will still have a lot of time together at home, so I am looking to find a routine that we can keep from now until September really.

So how do you structure your daily or weekly routines? Is each day more or less the same structure or do you just go with the flow? 

Isla already adores her big brother!

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