Friday, June 20, 2014

Everly's Birth Story

Everly Khaleesi Wyllie was born on June 13th, 2014 at 5:12pm. She was born 8lbs 8oz in the comfort of our own home and greeted by her siblings within moments of being born. We understand that home births are not for everyone both for comfort levels and health reasons. However, for our family, this was the best birth story that we could have dreamed of.

We had been growing impatient as for two weeks prior to Everlys' birth contractions would start and continue regularly for hours and then abruptly end in the evening without ever becoming more intense. Finally, it appeared that all of those early contractions were in fact moving baby along - our midwife told us Friday morning to call her in several hours as she was sure labor would be beginning at any time -  and I was now at 6cm's.

Moments after her birth
By lunch time contractions had begun once again, so I called my mom to come to our home to spend the day with the kids. They made a birthday cake for the baby, played in the basement and had plans for a movie night. By 2:30 we had called our midwife to come as contractions were beginning to pick up in intensity - still only 5 minutes apart, but it was enough for the midwife to come by. At 3:30 things has stayed pretty consistent so I tried moving into the birthing tub. Our Doula arrived by 3:45 to offer her encouragement, support, calming words and relaxation reminders. It was by 4pm that the intensity grew. By 4:45 I asked what time it was and had a snack - I was assuming that we still had a long way to go. However, within minutes the pushing stage began and baby was born at 5:12pm in the birthing tub! It was not an easy birth, but it did go incredibly smooth, with no worries cropping up with baby at any time and it was fast! One of the midwives went to get the kids, my mom and my mother in law and they were seeing baby within moments of baby's birth. The expression on Ewan's face is simply amazing. We then did the gender reveal with everyone present and named our baby girl Everly Khaleesi Wyllie. Afterwards, I was able to go straight into my bed with baby. After some snuggles and nursing Everly, I enjoyed a hot shower while Everly was weighed. We then settled into bed for the night at home surrounded by family.
Meeting baby & gender reveal

I am so thankful for the support that we have had so far. Everly and I were able to enjoy 3 days of bed rest and then 3 days of staying around the home. With such a short time off of work, I wanted to ensure the very best recovery by actually listening to the midwives and our doulas suggestions. The midwives continued to visit us at home and our very first trip outside of the house was only yesterday for family pictures with Elizabeth Fulton Photography.

Today, one week after Everlys' birth, we are all feeling wonderful. I am feeling quite rested as Everly seems to have settled into a 4 hour stretch of sleep between midnight and 4am, another 2 hour stretch until 6am and then 2 more hours until around 8am. She is also sleeping plenty during the day and quite content to be in my stretchy wraps or ring slings. I do love this cuddly stage.

 The kids have made a phenomenal adjustment. The first three days they were over the moon with excitement and somewhat bouncing off the walls, but we had plenty of family to keep them busy. This week we have settled into a relaxed schedule and we are just trying to go with the flow. Both kids are loving holding Everly and 'teaching' her how to make silly faces.

We are so happy to introduce to everyone our precious baby girl Everly. We are looking forward to a quiet summer getting to know her and enjoying some much needed family time. Thank you so much to everyone for their well wishes and positive thoughts.

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