Thursday, November 20, 2014


It has been a long time since I have sat down at my computer, since all has been quiet in the house (I am going to pay for these longs naps tonight) and since I have felt ready to write again. It seems as though having 3 kids actually makes life really busy - like crazy busy and the days actually fly by like seconds, except for when everyone is screaming and 5 minutes feels like a life time!

But I needed to write about some misconceptions that have been brought to my attention and most definitely need clarified. It appears that some, maybe more than I am aware, feel that I am making having 3 kids, a business and a traveling husband look easy. Which is making others feel bad about how they are coping in their own lives.

(2 year old wakes up crying)

Let me start by saying that I am really happy that I look that put together at work to give off that impression! But let me give you an inside view:) How am I surviving? Well a trip to Sephora in Bayshore equipped me with the make up needed to somewhat cover up the fact that I am only getting about 6 broken hours of sleep a night.Furthermore chocolate - a lot of it. Like more than you can imagine. That is a habit I need to stop. Not caffeine - I planned on making this cup of coffee last Thursday! but leaving it there makes me feel like I may be a able to make it at any moment! Although no guarantee on when I will be able to actually drink it. I dream of one day drinking a hot coffee.

(Baby begins to cry & 5 year old wakes up - will continue writing later)

Later, turned into the next day at 10pm at night. Once again all is quiet. Everly has been going down around 7:30pm but then waking up every 30 minutes until 10pm. So in between running up and down stairs I am doing dishes, making lunches and tidying the house up - so that things do not pile up from one day to the next or I will lose my mind in the mess, as well as keeping up with the never ending piles of laundry. Here is one pile that was clean and needed folded, but while I ran upstairs to nurse Everly back to sleep, the damn dog thought he would lay on them, shed fur all over them and then push them to the floor. Thanks for that. 

As for my marriage, all is very well and we work hard together to make our family a priority, to keep up on maintaining the house (our neighbours may disagree on this point) and a business. Fall is a very busy time for Alan and his travels take him around the world. I think the closest we have come to a date was going to a funeral. That is pretty sad and we really must work on carving time for us.

As for work, I have managed to stay pretty timely in responding to emails as I can do that on my phone while nursing Everly into what will hopefully be a deep sleep. I also have every program plan and song burned into my brain forever more so the programs do just come to me and I am receiving wonderful support from Miss Megan and Miss Lindsey with the planning of the Nursery School and After School program. All of our guests at A Gym Tale have also been very understanding in having me run the classes with my baby.

All this to say that I am no different than all the other parents and that I am right in the trenches of raising young children and all of the exhaustion that comes along with it.

However, there is not anywhere else that I would rather be. I am so thankful that I can bring my baby to work with me. I am so thankful that she loves being held so close and she is content to watch the world around her and then nestle in to sleep the morning away. I am also very thankful that I am able to spend the afternoons with my children and that we can go on adventures around the city together or go home and snuggle up for a movie. I am still holding on to hope that I may be able to drink a coffee in the afternoon as well.

Elizabeth Fulton Photography

Elizabeth Fulton Photography

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