Saturday, January 16, 2010

A New Adventure has begun...

I have always led a very busy, active and full life - and according to my husband, always looking for ways to add more, sometimes too much more. My 'adult' life began five years ago when I graduated from the University of Guelph Child and Family studies program and then almost immediately began my own business with my yet to be husband. The birth of A Gym Tale! During our first year of business, we worked 18 hour days every day of that year - it was a wonderful year full of learning and stress, but we survived and we were thrilled with the business we had created and the wonderful clientele that we were gaining. The second year we hired 3 staff members and took holidays off - a very big step for us. And just as we were getting comfortable, we decided to buy a condo and get married and I decided to go back to school to do my Masters so I would not get bored. During years 3 and 4 of A Gym Tale, we moved locations and expanded our business to include an indoor playground and increased our staff to 14 employees. Once again, we are thrilled with where this adventure has taken us and the many families we have to come to know and love in our community. To add to the excitement in the first year at the new location, my husband and I also decided that it would be a good time to have a baby.

On Mother's Day - May 10, 2009 my beautiful son was born at 11:31pm. And so a new adventure has begun. The past 8 months have been a whirl wind of new experiences - full of excitement, laughter, tears and not a whole lot of sleep! I am now in the process of finding a balance between my 8 month old son, who seems to be changing and growing faster than I can keep up with, as well as with my first 'baby' - A Gym Tale and the children and families that I love to get to know, teach, and entertain.

I hope you will join me as I begin my new adventure as a mother, teacher, and business owner. Whether you are a new mom or an old pro, I'm sure you can relate to the many experiences that come with raising and working with young children. Motherhood is a long journey and I would appreciate any advice along the way as this adventure will surely lead to many 'Gym Tales'.


  1. Hey Lindsay,

    I think you are doing a wonderful job with A Gym Tale....Keira absolutely LOVES it and everyone who knows Keira and knew her as a baby (who cried in most situations making it unpleasant)has said that she has made amazing progress as she was very introverted and highly sensitive to large groups (and in general). Although she is still very sensitive, she is now very comfortable with large groups and has become the "life of the party" you could say. Bruce and I have concluded that it is because of A Gym Tale that she has gained that confidence. How you do all this with a new baby is definitely takes alot of patience, discipline, and dedication and it shows to all the families you've come accross. From our family to yours...THANKS!! Keep up the great work!
    Cheryl, Bruce, Keira, Aiden & Seaver

  2. So happy to have a new blog to read with my morning coffee :)

    A huge thank-you for being the CHILD WHISPERER and bringing such comfort to Kayleigh :)



  3. Thank you both for such wonderful comments! It is wonderful to be able to do something you love and to know that it is making a difference. And the Nursery School program is such a great opportunity to really get to know all the children and to build strong relationships with each of kids over the course of the year. Both girls are a pleasure to have in the program!