Sunday, February 21, 2010

A class full of future Olympians!

This past Wednesday I organized a Wild West theme for the Nursery School program, however, after the arrival of the children I quickly realized that almost all of the students were well aware that the Olympics were underway. I quickly changed the theme to the Olympics in order to take advantage of all the enthusiasm the children were expressing. Together we made a chart to track the number of medals that Canada has won and we will keep a count each day of Nursery School until the closing ceremonies. We also made a giant banner to cheer on the Canadian athletes. After an in depth discussion of the different types of sports that the children had seen on TV, we began a discussion about whether or not the athletes were still good even though they may not all win medals. I explained that even the athletes who do not win medals are all extraordinary athletes, some of the very best in the world. The children then went on to tell me that they are really good at skating, skiing, hockey, sledding and that they thought that they would be in the Olympics when they were older too. Seeing the certainty the excitement in their own skills and talents is very inspiring and I look forward to seeing the kids compete for gold one day!

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