Saturday, February 20, 2010

Family Day Weekend

Over Family Day weekend, my family and I took the opportunity to go on a short getaway to Toronto. Part of our New Year's Resolutions were to take two vacations a year - even if it was just a weekend away from work. It turned out to be a wonderful weekend away - not a single call from A Gym Tale, thanks to all of the wonderful, hard working staff and the place was still standing after me being away for 4 days!

Although trip consisted of hanging out in Starbucks and reading, watching movies, swimming at the hotel pool and meeting up with some friends - and eating out for every meal - one of my favourite parts, it was just the perfect relaxing weekend. And the drive down went very well as we timed it perfectly to coincide with Ewan's nap time.

What a nice way to feel refreshed and and full of motivation to tackle all of the upcoming spring promotions!

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