Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

What a wonderful long weekend - great weather, spending time with friends and family, and building a garden rock wall! Ok, so building the wall was not so much fun, but it did turn out really well. What started as a small raised vegetable garden, quickly turned into three garden beds, for a total of 50 feet! A little bit of a larger project than we had initially bargained for. Myself and my husband can barely move this evening without moaning and groaning. But we now have our very first do-it-yourself home renovation project under our belt. Now what can we do next....maybe a fire pit?!

Ewan also had a very busy weekend showing off all of his new 'tricks' to family and friends that we haven't seen in awhile. Ewan can push himself backwards on a few different types of surfaces, he can rip door stoppers right out of the wall, he can now stand up without his legs instantly turning to jello, he can bounce while standing, consistently wave, clap and bump heads when asked and talks non-stop, all day long! It is so exciting seeing him turning into a real little boy!! And with his 1st birthday less than five weeks away, party plans are well under way. Does anyone have any birthday party venue suggestions?!


  1. Birthday venues...mmmm...there's this awesome place A GYM TALE :) :) :)

    If the weather is nice a big outdoor picnic :)

    Great job on the Garden wall!

  2. Lindsay,

    Have to share a story from waaaayyyy back. We had my oldest son Colin's 5th birthday at the old location, must have been the early days because it was hosted by you and Allan...Anyways, my youngest son Justin was a baby then, about 4 months old, and you had a big, round, colourful cushion in the lounge. I put Justin down on the cushion so I could take a few pictures, and just as Allan was coming around the corner, Justin spit up all over the cushion.. Allan sighed a big sigh, and said, "we just had that cleaned"...Just wondering if he says that at your house when Ewan spits up? ;)

  3. Lol! Yes, he does!!! Along with the very same sigh! That is really funny, I just reminded Alan of this story. And that round cushion has been spit up on and washed many times more since that party:)

  4. Also, we have decided to go for an outdoor bbq with a bouncy castle in the yard - hopefully the weather will be beautiful that day!