Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Excitement!

I am not normally big into Halloween, but having Ewan around and some brand new 'real life' costumes for 'Character's Come True' really got me in the mood to celebrate. Alan and I decided on some traditions that we wanted to begin this year for our family. The first being taking a trip out to Saunders Farm for a wagon ride and choosing a pumpkin. I was really surprised by the amount of things to do there - from a little farm, to the pumpkin patch, wagon rides, beaver tails (yum!) and parks around every corner - we had a really great time.

Another tradition we wanted to begin was on the eve of Halloween to carve our pumpkin, bake the seeds for a snack, and watch a scary movie (one with Ewan and then a real scary movie). Ewan was a little unsure about reaching into the pumpkin, but did decide that he would try a bite of pumpkin - his face was priceless!
And at this point he really wasn't interested in a movie. But Alan did force me to watch Saw 4 - I absolutely despise scary movies, my body just cannot handle the suspense and I get terrible nightmares - but I survived it.

The day of Halloween, we also had a wonderful time. Ewan spent the day with my mom while Alan and I dressed up in the most authentic costumes I have ever seen and went to the centre for a day filled with entertaining the kids, signing autographs and taking pictures. It was great to see all of the kid's costumes and their faces as they saw their favourite superhero or princess come to life!

That evening, we stayed dressed up in our costumes and got Ewan into his Tigger costume - which he really didn't mind - until I tried to give him whiskers! Alan and Ewan went Trick or Treating around the neighbourhood, while my brother and I  - Spiderman and Sleeping Beauty answered the door. We ended the evening with coffee's and a whole lot of chocolate!!!

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