Monday, October 25, 2010

A Mom's Night Out & Shopping Local

Last week I had the opportunity of going out to coffee with a group of mom's from a parenting group that I belong to. It was the first time I have been out in quite awhile and what a well needed break from my routine. It was really great getting to talk to other mom's about issues that I was dealing with and hearing their experiences as well as sharing my own. The evening flew by - I arrived shortly after 8pm and the next thing I new we were being kicked out at 11pm! I definitely have to make time more often to get out on my own - it was a great experience.

After feeling re-energized from my night out, I decided to venture out the next day with Ewan to some local shops. We began at Two Monkey's Coffee and Tea House on Strandherd and met up with a friend and her little guy for some play time and some time to simply talk and drink coffee. The minute you walk in, you are greeted by friendly staff and the scent of fresh baked desserts. The play space is great to keep little ones busy while you can enjoy your coffee.

Afterwards, Ewan and I went down the road to take a look at some clothes and toys at Upper Canada Kids. I very much like this shop as it is well organized and there are always a wide selection of toys and books for all ages. I especially love the many wooden toys that are often there - from children's furniture to pull toys. I am also always sure to find a book for Ewan as well as the school age children at A Gym Tale. Upper Canada Kids is also now offering and accepting items for teens, so it really is a great place for children of all ages.

Our next 'local' stop will be this Saturday at Chiquicuts for Ewan's first real haircut. I will be sure to post some pic's next week!

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