Sunday, February 19, 2012

Family Time!

It has been a little while since I have written - we are all still surviving! In fact everything over the past month has been going quite smoothly.

Yes, Isla is one month old already - I think time flies even faster the second time around. We have been spending time at home as a family just relaxing and getting to know our new baby girl as well as trying to keep Ewan in some sort of a routine. Ewan is loving his sister and we really have not seen any jealousy issues, but we do have a lot of family members around that are being a wonderful help by giving him undivided attention, unfortunately not really leaving them much time to hold the baby! We have also had it very easy with cooking - I had prepared quite a few frozen meals before Isla's arrival and my mom and mother in law also brought over an abundance of frozen meals - in fact we have 5 weeks worth of meals, which means that this will be our last week of not cooking and I will have to start getting myself organized to actually make meals again! Sleeping is also going quite well - I have just found a cloth diaper combination that will keep Isla dry all night, so no more 4am diaper changes, just a couple feedings that can be done from the comfort of my bed! As always I am struggling with going to bed earlier than midnight to compensate for the night feedings, but I am trying. Everything really is so much more relaxed this time around!

It has been really nice having the flexibility to get together with friends for play dates as well. With not working I am really missing the socializing that was part of my everyday - as is Ewan. We have also enjoyed dropping in to A Gym Tale to introduce Isla to the many children and families that we have gotten to know so well.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Family Day weekend and has the opportunity to spend some quality time enjoying their family. We are looking forward to spending the morning at A Gym Tale on Family Day from 9-12 and playing with all of your families as well!

My new favourite picture from our new born photo shoot - I think it really captures Ewan's energy and excitement!

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