Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dirt...and lots of it!

So I have decided to go ahead and make gardening my new hobby. After reading plenty of books and background info, I planned out 6 garden beds around the house, deck and yard and ordered the dirt from the depot. This is what I came home to on Friday:

Since Friday I have been working at A Gym Tale or digging in dirt. So far I have one bed completed and 3 more ready for planting. I am very happy with how the first garden turned out, which has given me some more motivation to finish the others - not to mention all of the plants sitting in my garage! Alan and I are so sick of digging in dirt and the last garden left is going to be the most difficult to prepare.

Now once all of these gardens are complete I am afraid of all the maintenance needed! The books don't really go into the maintenance aspect of gardening, they all make it seem like you just pick the odd week out as you stroll through the gardens and admire your work. Except one book that went into great detail about bugs and pests - but the pictures were pretty scary (I have a phobia of bugs), so I have chosen not to read into this topic further and just hope that I never come face to face with one of the monsters! But so many people have now said that gardens are very high maintenance. Have I gotten myself in over my head?

Other news, Ewan stood on his own twice today! He has not taken to crawling any more and is still very upset any time he is forced to, but there is now hope that he may walk some day or at least want to be mobile some time in the near future.

Also, with the beautiful weather that we have been having it really feels like summer is here. Which got me thinking about how fast this past year has gone by. There are only 3 weeks remaining of Play classes and 4 more weeks of Nursery School. This is a very bitter sweet time of year; it is nice that I have more or less the summer off of work, but at the same time I have been seeing and getting to know so many families once a week or more for the past 10 months! It is always kind of a sad time of year. I typically see many of the families the following Fall season, but lots of the children are also moving on to Kindergarden and so we see them much less frequently. Also, getting to know all of the families is my social time as well - and now with a baby it is also my adult time. What I am getting at is that I will miss seeing all of you that I have to come to known over the past year!


  1. I already hate gardens. HATE. Even now, I am genetically engineering a new breed of monster bug that will devour all of our new garden beds in a single afternoon and put an end to worrying about maintenance and digging for the rest of our relaxing and garden-free lives.

  2. LOL...I'm with Lindsay...I hate bugs, Bruce just planted a tomato garden and I'm not looking forward to that maintenance!! Ha ha!

    I can't believe that Nursery School is almost finished. I can't say enough good things about what you do at A Gym Tale! Because of what you do, Keira has become more confident in herself! She just loves going and we know that she is in a safe place with people who have her best interest at heart. It will make me sad to know that she will be leaving you guys in June but I look forward to her next adventure in "Big Girl School" as she calls it. You have helped give her the foundation she needs to succeed. I am also looking forward to Aiden taking her place at A Gym Tale.....now I just have to get him potty trained!! LOL

    P.S. About your next post (the one from today..the 25th) I think you do a great job and are always giving of your time to any parents in need of your advice...even if things are quite busy, you are always fantastic and make the kids and the parents at ease. It's easy to see that your business is a top priority...and so is your family...I think you do a great job of balancing it.