Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to my baby boy!

Ewan's birthday has just passed, what a very special day it was! We had a giant family party on Saturday, and I mean huge - 60 people! Ewan did a fantastic job and was wide awake and in good spirits the entire party. After all the guests arrived, John from came by and did a 45 minute music class which entertained all the kids (ages 1-14) as well as all the adults. It was a great way to get everyone involved, singing, playing instruments and everyone was talking about it for the rest of the party!

After the Monkey Rocks show, we had a BBQ lunch and then the cake! At first Ewan did not know what to think - he has never had sugar before. After a taste from my finger, he slowly tried it himself and after a moment was shoving handfuls into his mouth - all over his face actually! By the time we finished cake and quickly opened up gifts, Ewan was exhausted and it was time to say goodbye to everyone.

Although we had a wonderful time and I think Ewan very much enjoyed all of the excitement - it really is a lot of work and preparation to host a birthday party at home. Not to mention the clean up afterwards - it took me a week to clean the house before the party and then two days after the party to get it clean again! Next year we will definitely be doing the party outside of our home - maybe we will have to host it at A Gym Tale after all!

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