Sunday, May 2, 2010

Approaching first birthday...

So it has been awhile since my last post... between planning Ewan's birthday party, taking a 4 evening first aid course, and going on very little sleep since Ewan has decided that he would like to eat every half hour at night now - I have not had a moment to write!

But, as of today Ewan's 1st Birthday party is planned and prepared for - from the cake, to the entertainment, to party supplies and food. I am ready!

And last night I had a wonderful night sleep! So I am not sure what was going on this week with Ewan - maybe his eye teeth still bothering him - which have yet to come through, or maybe another growth spurt? What ever the reason, we both slept very well last night and we both enjoyed a two hour nap today!

My next goal is to attempt to finish Ewan's First Year scrap book - I am only at the 6 month mark for completed pages, but I think if I put a big push in this week, I may be able to catch up. I am afraid if I do not have it finished by his birthday, he may be 5 and I will still be working on it!

I am surprised that Ewan's approaching first birthday is becoming so emotional for me. After looking forward to all of the milestone's and what he will be learning next over the past year, it feels as though the year has passed at light speed. I just keep thinking back to the first day bringing him home and how tiny he was. Or to my first breakdown when he was 1 week old - there simply was not enough time in the day to get everything done between feedings and diaper changes - I couldn't imagine how I was even going to remember to bath him! But in nine day's he will be 1 year old. I am glad that I have made a scrap book detailing all of the little events that can sometimes be forgotten in the craziness of life.

On another note, I am also really glad that I have updated my First Aid and CPR. It has been a long week completing the course in the evenings, but also an enjoyable one. The staff and I did the course together, so it was nice getting to spend time with some of the staff that I do not always see in such a relaxed atmosphere. Although theses courses can be long - I really feel that all parents should take the time to complete a course - parents with children of any age. The skills are so simple and straight forward and yet in an emergency they can make the difference between life and death. And knowing the basic skills can keep you calm enough during an emergency to think clearly. The scenarios just offer a reminder that an emergency can arise at any moment to any of us.

Well I am off to what will hopefully be a good night sleep!

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  1. Happy Birthday Ewen! The scrapbook you're making will be such a wonderful gift for your son. My brother is 24 and he still looks at his baby book a few times each year. You're such a great mom!