Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Being Thankful... and a New Adventure

This past Thanksgiving weekend was a wonderful opportunity to take some time and relax. Ok, not so much relax, but it was great to visit family that we haven't seen in some time as well as get some outdoor maintenance stuff done around the house. I really enjoyed setting up and planning all of the gardens in the spring, however, I now have very little motivation to clean them all out. All in all a very productive weekend and some great meals with great company!

This weekend, Alan and I also took Ewan to the pumpkin patch. He had such a great time wondering through all the pumpkins and sitting on them! I don't know why he thought he should sit on them, but he did. And we chose the comfiest pumpkin he could find! Now that he his up and running, it definitely is a lot more challenging getting great pictures - I seem to only get him running away from me! (I can't seem to post pics tonight, so I will update this tomorrow)

Other important 'Ewan' news - he had his very first hair cut! Well, an unofficial hair cut. Really, I just cut
his rat tail off - it really had to go. But I think he may be due for a real hair cut soon.

Over the past little while, Alan and I have been talking about how thankful we are that the business is going as well as it is and the many wonderful families that we have come to know through the business. These families have supported us in our new programming and ideas - some successful, other ideas not so much. But our new A Gym Tale adventure is going to be an extension of our Birthday Parties, by adding on a new option to have a character visit your home.

Not just any characters, but Spiderman, Batman and Sleeping Beauty just to begin with. These characters have only the most authentic costumes available. I don't really know anything about comic stuff - but these costumes are pretty fantastic. This party option will allow families to have an at home party but still bring in an entertainer who can take care of all of the activities while the parents can sit back and enjoy the party as well. Depending on the ages of the children and the character visiting, the kids will take party in super hero training or a princess story telling, singing and dancing activity. As well as incorporating a variety of other activities for the hour that the character is present.

We are very excited to introduce these characters and we will be doing so on Halloween day. Sunday, October 31st we will be hosting a Costume Party at A Gym Tale between 10-3pm with half price drop in play and lots of great picture opportunities.

I hope to see everyone there!

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