Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Family Business

Last Friday, I unfortunately had all three of my daytime staff members away sick. I know they must have been really sick because I am very fortunate to have very committed and reliable girls to keep A Gym Tale going. So after the panic of having all three of them call me between 7:30pm Thursday evening and 6:30am Friday morning, and being exhausted from having Ewan up most of the night who appears to be getting four new teeth in - I knew I had to call in my support team. That team consisted of Alan and my mother in law, Frances, who both came in to help with Nursery School without any hesitation at all. Alan and Frances are both wonderful with the kids - Alan's excitement and enthusiasm is contagious and the children love his sense of humour. And Frances is just the most soft spoken, gentle, and safe person as only the mother of four and grandmother of four could be. 

Although at the outset it looked like Friday was going to be an impossible day, it turned out to be a really relaxed and enjoyable experience. The children were excited to meet Mr. Alan and Miss Frances and it was wonderful to get to spend extra time with family. With the three of us there all day, it also meant that Ewan was also spending all day at the centre. Surprisingly, he did wonderful as well. He loved getting to have his Mom, Dad and Gran with him playing all day and then he had a wonderful 2 hour nap behind the pirate ship!

It brought back so many memories of just opening up the business and working every day with Alan and having both of our families around helping out any way they could. Working as a 'family' business is definitely one aspect of the original A Gym Tale that I miss. However, it is also wonderful working with so many great girls and having such a well organized and structured business that does not all fall solely on my shoulders! 

Oh the memories!

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