Monday, January 10, 2011

The Family Dinner

Ever get bored of making the same thing for dinner week in and week out? I love food, to the point where I finish one meal and I am already planning the next. Two weeks ago, I had enough of eating the same thing! So much so that I used my christmas gift certificates for Indigo and purchased three new cook books - with the drive to find spectacular new recipes to get rid of this eating boredom. This scared Alan as he is the pickiest eater I have ever met - actually afraid to try new things - he could happily live on curry, shepherd's pie and meat and potatoes every week. While I studied the first of these cookbooks last week - we actually ordered take out or ate out every night because I really couldn't stand the idea of making one more boring dinner.

The first cook book that I tackled was named 'The Family Dinner' by Laurie David. I love, love, love this book - at first I didn't think it was what I needed as it goes into the importance of eating dinner together and really connecting over food. I have always eaten dinner with my family and continued to do so with Alan and Ewan - every night. But I actually read this book from cover to cover and I love the insights, ideas and especially the recipes. They are very straight forward, great pictures and written in the whole book is written in a similar style to a biography. Needless to say, I highly recommend it.

Well this weekend I was finally ready to tackle a few new recipes. I started on Saturday at lunch - I had just gotten home from A Gym Tale at noon and I had a good friend coming by at one for a visit. I had to walk the dog, so he wouldn't attack my friend and then get changed. By that point I was starving and she was going to be there at any moment. So I tried the 'eggs in purgatory' recipe - 1 jar of salsa and 5 eggs - all in one pan - cook them up for about 10 minutes - during which I warmed up some pitas and then sprinkled cheese over the egg mixture and it was done - a fantastic brunch in 10 minutes! And it was delicious!!

Sunday morning Alan had made the crepe recipe for when I got home from A Gym Tale - and again so simple and straightforward and delicious! That afternoon, I went all out - I made a roasted chicken with herb butter marinade with roasted potatoes and asparagus AND my very own loaf of French Bread! The house smelled divine and the food tasted even better! I am tempted to make my own bread every weekend just to get that smell back again.

Tonight I made tacos (a vegetarian recipe as we are trying to eat meat only 2-3 times per week to be more health conscious) and they were wonderful and ready in 15 minutes. And right this minute I have a banana bread in the oven for breakfast tomorrow morning. And I have a new recipe ready for every night this week - all from that book and all just as easy.

I feel a renewed energy for food!!!


  1. This is some good information! I long to be able to focus again on making "family dinners." Maybe I should check this book out. BTW, how has Ewan taken to the new recipes?!

  2. It really is a great book - I love how simple the recipes are. Ewan has been miserable with teeth coming in and has more or less stopped eating anything that is not peas or grapes, so he really hasn't tried anything - however, I think all the recipes are things that he will really enjoy once the teeth come in - if they ever come in...