Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hair cut!

Finally, finally, finally I managed to make a hair appointment - is that not always half the battle of actually getting your hair done?! The next challenge is actually fitting in 2 hours of child free time to get it done. And unfortunately, I have been working longer hours and so scheduling a time with my hairdresser became impossible. But I was so desperate to have something done that I called a few local hair salons. The lucky salon I decided on was Capucci's. If you have not been there before it is a very cute little place - actually a very clean and stylish place and they are very flexible with appointment times. The girls are super friendly and easy to talk to and they offer you a coffee when you sit down - and it was a really good coffee too!

I really should try and go to the salon more often. It really is a nice time to simply relax and sit and be calm for a few moments. And always refreshing to walk away with a new hairstyle!

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  1. I take the kids there!!! They are FANTASTIC with them. I can't say enough about how special they make the girls feel ... giving them treats and calling them princesses. The staff are also very patient with our squirmy one-year-old fella! Oh ya, also important - they do a great job on the hair too :-)