Saturday, January 22, 2011

Just one of those weeks....

So this week started off with walking into the centre Monday morning realizing that the front entrance was flooded and I was then flooded with complaints about the front entrance from what seemed like every single person that had entered the centre over the weekend. By the way, I do realize that the front entrance is very small - we tried to do the best we could with the space we could afford. I have also come to realize after speaking with many business's that avoiding wet feet still remains an ever present and impossible problem to solve. With that said I agree that it is not a good way to begin an experience at A Gym Tale.

The other problem that comes with wet feet in the centre are salt stains - EVERYWHERE. Salt stains are so ridiculously difficult to get rid of that it makes me want to cry. The floors were washed about 20 times over Monday and Tuesday in an effort to get rid of them. And we finally succeeded!

Now much of the week was spent trying to find some sort of solution for the front entrance before the following weekend. I had hired a company to professionally clean the mats, thinking they had lost some of their absorption power. The company cancelled twice and finally showed up last night at 7pm only to say that the mats were not what they expected and would need to remove the mats and clean them off site. Well, having no mats was certainly not an option! So they will be back Monday to remove the mats and clean them as fast as possible. Let's hope it does not snow again this weekend!!!

Another idea we had is to schedule another staff member to work just the front entrance in the hopes of someone keeping all boots and coats tidy so that guests can more easily move around within the small space. The third attempt to solve the problem is to offer slip on slippers in the event that guests' feet do get wet. This way guests feet will be drier and salt will not be carried into A Gym Tale.

So I am crossing my fingers and hope that this weekend we will be able to better deal with the issue of the front entrance.

The week also brought with it a mysterious illness in my dog, which resulted in me being at the vet's office for test after test any time I was not at A Gym Tale. Just when it looked like all options had been exhausted and no one seemed to know how to help my dog (very lethargic, bleeding gums, and fever); yesterday when I arrived home he bounded out of his crate, running, jumping and back to his old self with no more bleeding! A miraculous recovery!

And Ewan is teething again. Enough said.

So, I am hoping that next week is a very different week.

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