Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year! To begin with, the New Year's Eve sleepover at A Gym Tale was once again a success. We had a group of 20 children and we all had a wonderful time. The evening was filled with running, climbing and an obstacle course, snack and winding down with a movie. Afterwards, getting ready for bed and our countdown to midnight (which in reality was 10:15pm - but we turned all the clocks ahead to midnight!). And everyone slept until 7:30am the next morning!

One of my favourite things to do at this time of year is take inventory of the resolutions that I made last January and which ones were worth while and those that I did not continue with. I find it inspires me and re-energizes me to continue working towards goals.

During the last year, I really tried to focus on expanding my connections with clients as well as other local businesses. I feel as though through my blog, Facebook and monthly emails I am able to keep contact with the many families we see on a much more regular basis and it has been wonderful getting to know so many families better. As for other local businesses, I have also tried to run various promotions and exchange ideas and cross marketing strategies and I also feel that this has been a success over the past year.

Personally, I had wanted to get back to working out regularly. This was not successful - at all. This year it will be moved up to one of my priorities - and not excessive exercise by any means - 1 yoga class a week, running 2x a week and a daily walk with my dog. I feel as though I really need this to better cope with stress, gain more energy and simply to feel healthier than I am now.

The second personal goal I had for this past year was to keep in touch better with friends and to make the effort to go out with friends or date night's more regularly. This was not a success, but not a failure either. From January - June, we saw friends at least once a week - even if it was just dinner or coffee. During the summer I played soft ball a group of friends and had a great time each week. And then September rolled around and I have barely seen anyone since!! For this year, once again I would like to make a commitment to going out or seeing friends at least once a week.

I try not to make too many resolutions because than I cannot keep any of them. But I am hopeful that these two personal resolutions will be rewarding enough to keep me motivated! What resolutions have you made for this year?

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