Sunday, January 15, 2012

Maternity Photo Shoot

Last weekend I had my maternity photo shoot, along with some family pictures, with Elizabeth Fulton Photography. Elizabeth had done our family pictures at our home this past summer and she did wonderful work and was wonderful to work with - especially with a non-cooperative 2 year old. I had really wanted family pictures of just the 3 of us before I began to show that I was pregnant - and the pictures that we have are beautiful. Afterwards, I had decided that I would also like some maternity photos since I really did not have any but a handful from when I was pregnant with Ewan. And last weekends session gave us better pictures than I could have even hoped for. Here is a sample of some of the pictures -

Thank you Elizabeth we are so happy with the memories we have of this special time in our lives. And you have also sparked a love of photography in Ewan who has had us posing and saying 'picture' all week long (and no longer with the plastic camera, but with my point and shoot camera!)

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  1. You look fantastic!!! Great looking family! Can't wait to see pics of the new addition!