Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Taking my leave now

This morning is the first morning that I am off while the rest of the regular Before School and Nursery School programming is up and running (I did have a few days off over the winter break - but I usually take some time off during camp times, so it doesn't really count). It has defintely been wonderful taking my time with Ewan getting ready, eating our breakfast sitting together nice and slow, and letting Ewan stay in his pj's while he plays with his trains. And I am sitting in the kitchen, sipping my decaf coffee and browsing the internet. I also cannot help looking at the clock and wondering every so often how snack time is going at this moment, or are the kids getting their snowsuits on for the bus? I know everyone will not only survive without me, but probably thrive given the freedom to use their own creativity (I think I can sometimes be a little controlling!) I guess it will take a little time gettting used to - or the arrival of baby to keep me busy - which I am now 37 weeks, so can be anytime!

After initially planning on running the play classes right through January, I am finally giving in / giving up? and taking a few weeks off early. Partially due to it now becoming difficult to be on my feet moving for 3 hours straight and also painful to even walk with this baby sitting so low as well as sheer exhaustion and wanting to spend just a little more time with Ewan - just him and I before the craziness sets in. So I have made my decision to finish the play classes this week (tomorrow and Saturday) and then to hand the classes over to Megan and Chrissy - who I am confident will do a wonderful job and be a lot more capable of moving around and being active than I am at this point.

So it is with sadness and excitement that I am saying my goodbyes to everyone currently in the programs for the winter. I very much look forward to coming in and visiting as well as being
back in the Spring time!

But don't worry I will keep on blogging, updating facebook (on both A Gym Tale news and baby news) as well as myself or Alan responding to emails.

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  1. I went through such similar things as a teacher when I was having my twins and leaving my JK's part way through a's hard to leave when you care about something (and all the little people) so deeply. Enjoy your mat leave- Miss Christmas and Miss Megan will handle it just fine!