Sunday, January 8, 2012

The preparations have begun..

The holiday break has been wonderful. I have been into A Gym Tale a few times, but I have also had so much time to relax and spend with Ewan, it really has been great. We had several pyjama days, play dates with friends, a trip to the children's museum (which was a fantastic morning out) and then wrapped it all up this weekend with organizing and cleaning the house - and finally putting the Christmas decorations away!

I have taken today to go on an organizing and laundry spree of all things related to baby #2. I have now more or less put everything through the laundry that can be put through. I have also actually finished all of the folding and put everything away in drawers, including all items of clothing, bedding, my slings and wraps and all face cloths, blankets, diapers etc. Change table is ready and car seat is out - still needs to be installed, but I think I am actually all prepared.

It is funny some days I can barely get off the couch and other days I can be on my feet all day and get so much accomplished. So baby #2, you are considered full term this week and we are ready for your arrival any time!

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